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This Week – 01.05.14

After a brief stint on Medium, I’m back to my old WordPress Blog.  I didn’t really see the value yet, but I may be back at some point. I am also making a few plans to change the format of

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Twitter adds photos and videos to search

Twitter just announced that it’s integrating photos and video results in it’s search product. It’s also added a whole bunch of new search tools to help productize it’s vast 140 character, influencer drive, hashtag laden linking ecosystem. I’m excited to

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Twitter, Media and the Osama bin Laden Story

Last night re-confirmed that Twitter is the medium of choice for breaking stories.  As a media channel, Twitter scooped literally everyone….again.  The story of the killing of Osama bin Laden drove massive amounts of sustained traffic, sentiment and insights throughout

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Creating Value: Products Vs. Platforms

There’s been a lot of conversation about platforms recently, especially with the recent changes to the Twitter TOS.  Chris Dixon wrote some great thoughts about the rules of platform ownership and makes a great case for maintaining transparency and clear expectations

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Locking on Strategy: Apple & Twitter

I’ve been trying to identify a trend I’ve seen this week in my RSS feeds, told through the story of Apple changing rules on iPhone application analytics (Venture Beat), the much-discussed HTML5 vs. Adobe battle (I like this Scobleizer read which discusses it) and Twitter developing 3rd party applications for mobile applications and acquiring Tweetie (I downloaded the Twitter application for Blackberry yesterday and it’s excellent). It seems that the biggest innovators in technology are integrating and consolidating their channels

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Twitter Ad Networks: Paid-Earned Media

A Friend of mine sent me a link to 140 Proof, an ad network that serves up sponsored ads in Twitter and asked me for my onion on the network. I’m not going to link out to the network, but I would like to talk about my thoughts on these networks.

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Social Traffic Referrals

by Christian Brucculeri I was reading Fred Wilson’s awesome blog the other day and I was inspired but what he said at the #140 conference: “social media, led by Facebook and Twitter, will surpass Google in driving traffic to many

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