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Diego-San, Humanoid Robot One Year Old

I found this on Singularity and wanted to share it. This is Diego-san, a new humanoid robot who will be developed to help researchers better understand child development and motor skills.With 27 moving parts in its face and cameras in

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Future Perfect

I just finished reading Future Perfect by Steven Johnson and wanted o recommend it, as well as get the salient points across in words to help me better understand the reading. Johnson takes the reader through vignettes in history, and describes various social

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Creative Destruction In the Music Industry

I am a very happy Spotify Premium customer. Everyone talks about Spotify  like it’s some type of new social media driven discovery engine, spreading new music through our networks like a happy virus of connectedness. I think that description hurts them

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Joining the team at K2

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be joining the team at K2 Media Labs on a full-time basis in the coming weeks.  K2 is an early stage private equity fund that invests in startups focused on the connected consumer. The

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Five Predictions for 2011

I started to write a retrospective on 2010, but  decided that we all lived through the year and there are some great photo essays that are much more interesting than my thoughts.  Instead,  I’m going to make  five predictions on

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The Mis-Application of Innovation

With all of the recent discussion about civil charges being brought by the SEC against Goldman Sachs, I got into a discussion with some friends about innovation, it’s development and its misuse by people who either don’t understand the technology they are using, know and do not care about the risks involved, or knowingly behave unethically in an effort to leverage short-term gains.

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Peer Lending Gets Another Boost

Peer lending companies like Lending Club and Prosper are sites that connect lenders and borrowers in a transparent, social network style environment. While certainly not risk free investments, I believe these sites allow for a free-market solution to small-to-medium sized loans in an efficient way.

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