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I’m joining the team at Snaps

Like many of us in the New York tech and media communities, I’ve tried to invest my time working with world class entrepreneurs, incredible visions and great businesses. To that end, I’m thrilled to share that I’m joining the team at Snaps

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Mobile Advertising Sucks and That Needs to Change

I was not surprised to see a recent report from Trademob finding that 40% of mobile ad clicks are either accidental or fraudulent. When I interned for Jerry Neumann, he had me take a look at the mobile vs. display ecosystem,

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Joining the team at K2

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be joining the team at K2 Media Labs on a full-time basis in the coming weeks.  K2 is an early stage private equity fund that invests in startups focused on the connected consumer. The

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The Media Generation (M2) Means CPMs will Change

I propose that this level of media exposure greatly lowers the value of advertising, in general. Let’s look a t a 30 second television advertisement. In a 10.5 hours media consumption day, that’s 1/1,260th of the media real estate that a kid is consuming today. Additionally, it seems that kids are multitasking more than ever, lowering the amount of attention an advertiser gets with their spot.

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My Product Development Experiences

For the past 8 months, aside from my standard fare of corporate finance and macroeconomics classes, I’ve been spending much of my time outside of work a building a web-based product, as well as the business requirements that developing and releasing a new product entail.

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The distance between zero and one

by Christian Brucculeri A friend of mine once told me that this distance between zero and one is infinitely greater than the distance between one and two. I completely agree and, in homage to this statement, I am filling this

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