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The Media Generation (M2) Means CPMs will Change

I propose that this level of media exposure greatly lowers the value of advertising, in general. Let’s look a t a 30 second television advertisement. In a 10.5 hours media consumption day, that’s 1/1,260th of the media real estate that a kid is consuming today. Additionally, it seems that kids are multitasking more than ever, lowering the amount of attention an advertiser gets with their spot.

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The “Death” of Publishing

I do not believe that all brands need to create deep content and media to be relevant in social media. In fact, I’d prefer that a number of brands do not spend their time creating content and instead, spend their energy creating great products and communicating value propositions that support their products.

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Facebook Leads Sharing, So Content Changes Forever

In the past, content consumption and advertising communication was a one-to-one communications strategy. Advertisers structured their creative, built out the assets needed for the media channel and disseminated that message to the masses.

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Applications Taking Over

by Christian Brucculeri It’s been interesting continuing to work in social media, a term I’m loathe to use when describing what I do. I feel like the term for the job I have is interactive marketing. At the end of

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