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Electronic Objects and the future of the web

Sometimes the device is dumb glass, driven by the cloud. And sometime the cloud is dumb storage, driven by the device. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) May 27, 2014 I’ve been having the ‘dumb glass or smart device’ conversation with a

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This Week – 01.13.13

– CES was this past week and everyone already wrote about it, streamed it and talked about it. I liked Tomasz Tunguz’s summary – it’s short but insightful. Read it if you’re looking for a quick recap of what happened

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Managing Startups: Objective-Key-Results (OKRs)

Having spent the past year working with and incredible team on a product I love, I thought I’d share a management tool that we adopted from Google called Objective-Key-Results (OKRs).  OKRs are a quarterly panning tool that help you and

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Google Glass Comes Close

After a week with Google Glass, I’m reminded of that  Bob Uecker line from Major League “Juuust a bit outside!” (here’s a clip with the line if that was too esoteric.) I’m generally excited about Glass, and I loved a few things about

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Analytics Won’t Get You To Product Market Fit

In the new world of big data, everyone in the startup community seems obsessed with collecting data and making data-driven decisions. For the most part, this is a healthy obsession. New analytics platforms like KISS, Mixpanel and Localytics are providing

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Get An MBA, But Not Until You’re Useful

As an MBA working in early stage tech, I’m ambivalent about the current conversation in the community about the value of these degrees. On one hand, I’ve met enough MBA founding teams to understand where the vitriol comes from, but

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Content Is King Again

The never-ending power struggle between content and distribution seems to be writing a new chapter around the film and tv worlds.  Some very big things have already happened in the first quarter of this year in the media business.  These

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