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My Phone Was Hacked: How You Can Protect Yourself

About a week ago, some hackers called T-Mobile pretending to be me. Armed with only name, phone number and the last four digits of my social, these hackers were able to reassign my phone number to a SIM card that

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Seed Investing Is Not Equity Investing

Loving Products vs. Analyzing Cash Flows Yesterday was an awesome day for reading. First, Hunter Walk wrote a great post on not worrying about market size when considering Seed Stage Investments. You should read that. Then, you should read Aswath Damodaran

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2017: Five New Life Hacks

With a new year upon us all, now seems as good time as any to pile on with everyone else’s reflections, predictions and life tweaks. I’m a productivity enthusiast, which comes partly out of a passion for trying to extract

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Producing vs. Supporting

I’ve been at Snaps now for seven months. When I took the role, my primary interest in the opportunity was one of personal growth. Of course, I was excited to work with the team, and excited about the space and it

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I’m joining the team at Snaps

Like many of us in the New York tech and media communities, I’ve tried to invest my time working with world class entrepreneurs, incredible visions and great businesses. To that end, I’m thrilled to share that I’m joining the team at Snaps

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Electronic Objects and the future of the web

Sometimes the device is dumb glass, driven by the cloud. And sometime the cloud is dumb storage, driven by the device. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) May 27, 2014 I’ve been having the ‘dumb glass or smart device’ conversation with a

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CrowdStream Is Joining RadioIO

In 2010, Brian Bason and I started building CrowdStream to help music artists and fans connect on mobile and in social media. It’s been a phenomenal experience working with some of our favorite artists as they forge into the mobile

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