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My Phone Was Hacked: How You Can Protect Yourself

About a week ago, some hackers called T-Mobile pretending to be me. Armed with only name, phone number and the last four digits of my social, these hackers were able to reassign my phone number to a SIM card that

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Seed Investing Is Not Equity Investing

Loving Products vs. Analyzing Cash Flows Yesterday was an awesome day for reading. First, Hunter Walk wrote a great post on not worrying about market size when considering Seed Stage Investments. You should read that. Then, you should read Aswath Damodaran

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2017: Five New Life Hacks

With a new year upon us all, now seems as good time as any to pile on with everyone else’s reflections, predictions and life tweaks. I’m a productivity enthusiast, which comes partly out of a passion for trying to extract

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