In 2010, Brian Bason and I started building CrowdStream to help music artists and fans connect on mobile and in social media. It’s been a phenomenal experience working with some of our favorite artists as they forge into the mobile ecosystem to create experiences that weren’t possible just a few years ago. This week, we’re thrilled that CrowdStream is joining the RadioIO platform.

Over the past three years, and thanks to the help of an amazing group of advisors and friends, CrowdStream has been used by over 150 artists, including Mötley Crüe, The Smashing Pumpkins, the Neon Trees and J. Cole. We’ve reached over 100 million fans in social media and contributed to the success of hundreds of world tours for our artists. The most rewarding part of this journey has been hacking away to create a digital ecosystem that actually works for artists, helping them drive business goals and engage with fans in ways that are meaningful and rewarding for everyone involved. We believe artists create valuable content, and we’ve worked to help them realize that value through CrowdStream.

As part of RadioIO, CrowdStream will now reach an even wider audience, and offer fans even better ways to engage with their favorite artists through RadioIO’s consumer and B2B streaming radio services . RadioIO shares our vision to create a compelling value proposition for artists in digital, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue building towards that vision with the RadioIO team.