I had breakfast with my friend and schoolmate Jon Steiman this week, and we got onto on the topic of the iTunes app store. Jon is at TalkTo and we share some of the same challenges around product marketing. Being who he is, Jon had some great thoughts for leveraging every opportunity to build a brand. [As a promotional aside, TalkTo is absolutely awesome – it lets you text businesses that you would normally have to call. I’ve used it five times this week.  Try it].

Jon used Chuck Lorre as a benchmark for his latest tactic. At the end of his television shows, Mr. Lorre posted short essays on his production company’s Vanity Cards. At first, they were ineffectual because they flashed on the screen too quickly for people to read, but as DVR usage increased, the impact of Mr. Lorre’s essays increased exponentially. His Vanity Cards have become relevant enough to be a published book.

So where did TalkTo find its latest canvas? They tapped into the “What’s New” section of the Apple iTunes store. The conventional wisdom is to use the What’s New space to explain the minute details of a new release. Typical notes include copy like “Speed and improvements and bug fixes” or “Lots of new features.” Informative, but not much of a page-turner.

Two updates ago, TalkTo posted the following notes:


Cheeky, branded, fun.  It also drove some buzz for them (which TalkTo was nice enough to provide when I told them I wanted to post about it):




I agree with Jon – never let a canvas go blank. If you’re in product marketing, take occasional stock of your communications and  make sure you’re leveraging every opportunity to communicate your brand and product benefits.