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Five Things I Learned From Steve Jobs

On the heels of Steve Jobs’ announcement that he’s retiring from Apple (okay, I’m a little late for the heels, but there was a pseudo-hurricane),  I thought I’d reflect on the top five things I take from the single greatest

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Building Networks

I had the privilege of hearing Albert Wenger speak this evening at the Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable in Microsoft’s New York office.  I met with him once before at Union Square’s open office hours a little over a year ago when I was

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Building A Thesis

Investing in startups is a phenomenally risky business. True, when compared to the current machine-driven equities market the asset class may not seem as crazy as it did last Thursday, but it’s risky nonetheless.  At the early stage there are

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Five Reasons VCs Say No (aka “Team, Market, Idea”)

As my Summer at Softbank winds to a close, I thought I take an opportunity to relay a few insights that I will take with me from my time with the incredible team up in Newton. I started out learning

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