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Pretty great.  Probably here to stay.  Not going to replace Facebook. Before I say anything else about Google+,  I want to point out two great posts which put a lot of color around my thoughts, covering views from both architects’

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Changing With the Market: Netflix

I read this headline from CBS (“Netflix Socks Subscribers With 59% Price Hike“) and I thought it was good inspiration to think about adopting to a changing market. Netflix is a fascinating success story; a company that continues to defy

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Singles vs. Homeruns

As a rule, venture capital money likes really big ideas.  Due to the high-risk nature of the asset class, in order to attract VC money there should be some possibility that a company can grow into a billion-dollar business one

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Going Around the Wall: Foursquare and AMEX

I once had a manager who used to yell to “go through the wall!!” when we hit challenges.  That’s often the right advice, but it’s not always the best way to expend your resources.  When you’re a startup with limited

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