The entrepreneurship scene in Boston is thriving, and it’s a great week to be here.

I attended a few events this week that have helped me learn, as an outsider, what a vibrant start-up scene Boston really has.  It’s exciting to be here to watch it all go down and I’m looking forward to seeing a number of the companies who have been showcasing this week grow into full-fledged companies in the coming months and years ahead.

Yesterday I attended the Web Innovators Group, which featured “main dish” presentations from Smarterer (online knowledge testing), Pintly (Pandora for beer), and Lockify (simplifies encrypted communications).  “Side dish” companies were also avaialable to check out; there were a few very exciting services and products in that group, as well (you can find them here).  A panel was also available, moderated by Dave Balter (CEO of BzzAgent), that featured Boston ad agency executives discussing about how startups should pitch to agencies.

Today was Angel Bootcamp, which featured some pretty incredible panels from leaders in the angel investing (and VC) space.  There were a lot of attendees tweeting some great quotes from the event that will give you a good idea of the content from throughout the day.  I thought some of the most colorful conversations came from a discussion on the interplay between VCs and angel investors: when they play nice and when sometimes competing interests can get in the way of a collaborative relationship.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Techstars Boston demo day.  This is a sort of a culmination event for the week and I’m very excited to see the products that are graduating from this program.  The New York Techstars demo day this year showcased some fantastic companies.  Based on what I’ve seen of Boston thus far, I’m confident that tomorrow will be just as exciting.