I’m pretty thrilled about a change to my normal summer this year. Starting this Monday, I’ll be spending the next eight weeks between New York City and Boston working with Softbank Capital.

I’ll be spending most of my time working with Nikhil Kalghatgi and @Joevc identifying investment opportunities that fit the fund’s thesis. I’ll also have an opportunity to work directly with some of Softbank’s existing portfolio companies on a project basis, learning about new businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them.

As Joe described it, the fund at Softbank is focused on entrepreneurs building socially-driven apps, services and content that are accessible across platforms and devices.  This is space that I spend a lot of time thinking about.  I don’t consider myself an evangelist of social media, per se.  One could make a compelling argument that social media presents marketers with more challenges than opportunities (ask just about anyone in pharma, news, or the record industry).  The fact remains, however, that social is not going anywhere.  Social media is as disruptive as it is inevitable, and the new opportunities exist in embracing it’s growth.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with entrepreneurship and innovation.  I have spent my entire professional career working directly with entrepreneurs in their quest (with varying degrees of success) to create real value. In addition to thinking about social, I’m looking forward to increasing my exposure to the startup landscape in New York and Boston.

Mostly though, I’m excited to have an opportunity to learn from the team of veteran investors at Softbank.

I will be keeping track of my experience on this blog and on Twitter, mostly from the startup perspective.  I’ll be dropping some Boston lifestyle bits on my Tumblr.