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Creative Destruction

I’m reading The Master Switch by Tim Wu, which was recommended to me by Jerry Neumann (side note: Jerry recently produced an awesomely useful VC bot which tracks announced investments as they show up on vc sites).  If you’re interested in the technology

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Taste Graph > Social Graph

There’s a lot of interest right now from advertisers, investors and entrepreneurs in social media marketing and advertising.  Using a person’s social graph to optimize where, when and how brands deliver their message is the hottest of topics. There seems

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Photos Are The Social Keyword

For most companies, there’s a gap between social media results and business results.  For example, growth of a fan page does not typically have a high correlation with an increase in sales, especially when you’re looking at short-term results.  I

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Entrepreneurship in Boston

The entrepreneurship scene in Boston is thriving, and it’s a great week to be here. I attended a few events this week that have helped me learn, as an outsider, what a vibrant start-up scene Boston really has.  It’s exciting

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A Summer At Softbank Capital

I’m pretty thrilled about a change to my normal summer this year. Starting this Monday, I’ll be spending the next eight weeks between New York City and Boston working with Softbank Capital. I’ll be spending most of my time working with Nikhil

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Twitter adds photos and videos to search

Twitter just announced that it’s integrating photos and video results in it’s search product. It’s also added a whole bunch of new search tools to help productize it’s vast 140 character, influencer drive, hashtag laden linking ecosystem. I’m excited to

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