I just finished an ethics class at Stern which featured a number of really fantastic guest speakers, including Andrew Ross Sorkin and  John Corzine.  One might think that John Corzine would have some quality advice on ethics.  On some levels, I think he did connect on frameworks that he uses to make decisions, and how complicated the decision-making process can be when you involve 9 million+ stakeholders (as governor of New Jersey).  However, a lot of things that chairman/governor/senator/ceo Corzine said about ethics was very generic and filtered.  Not that one can blame someone is his position for being guarded in terms of transparency.  One must consider all stakeholders (bloggers included)  when addressing an audience; and nothing is confidential in 2.0 world.

But, one thing that Mr. Corzine finished with resonated with me; and that was a reminder to stay optimistic about what’s possible.  Aside from making life more enjoyable, optimism can unlock creativity and open up possibilities in business, negotiations, tech development, strategy, marketing and really life in general.  Of course, no degree of optimism will replace results, but it’s a fantastic attitude to have when leading organizations because it motivates others to think about possibility.

So, this post is meant to remind you, and me, to stay optimistic about it all.