Meebo Share

If you’ve been to or recently, you may have noticed a new social share tool that’s been integrated: the Meebo Bar.  I’ve known about Meebo for the past few years, they were part of our client roster at YouCast and the company always stood out as having great people and a solid product that consistently interested our other clients.

The new Meebo Bar is a  great addition to the company’s product suite and I would recommend checking it out if you have a content-rich site and you’d like to optimize social sharing.  The technology basically breaks up content on your site and makes it unbelievably easy for a visitor to drag-and-drop images into their social graph to share with their network of friends or followers.   In an online world where publishers are surviving on their ability to get their reading community to share content, the Meebo Bar is probably one of the best tools a site can employ to increase organic traffic back to their site.  For example, unlike Facebook’s Open Graph, which triggers an activity feed:

sharing through the Meebo toolbar triggers a Facebook Share, putting an image in the content and gives it more real estate in a user’s profile:

Nice work, Meebo.


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