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Mobile Coupons

The short story is that we’re nowhere near replacing traditional coupons with digital ones, but it’s going to happen very quickly when someone solves a few problems that dont seem particularly complicated. I think the opportunity is going to be exploited by a strong application and site which will drive a critical adoption rate from the right consumer base.

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Driving to Transactions

I’ve been working in marketing for several years now, working with startups, major brands, service organizations; lots of companies that are all trying to get a message out. I’ve come to realize over the past few year, especially with the growth of social media, that a lot of budgets are being spent on brand media, without much of a transactional element.

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Meebo Share

The new Meebo Bar is a really great addition to the company’s product suite and I would recommend checking it out if you have a content-rich site. The technology basically breaks up the content content on your site and makes it unbelievably easy for a visitor to drag-and-drop images into their social graph to share wit their network.

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Twitter Endorsements

I just finished this ReadWriteWeb article on  new pending “shout out” feature from Twitter.  It looks like this new feature will be offered by the platform to allow peers to verify, or endorse, other accounts as being relevant or meaningful

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We Lost Our Gold

And now for something completely different. A few friends have discovered and pointed out a new social media campaign that I think is really well done . We Lost Our Gold features Muppets, New York City, and $10,000 cash.  I’ll

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