I’m not sure this thought necessitates a post, but here it is.

I get ideas pitched to me all of the time.

Some of the ideas I hear are really good.  I think some people look for problems to solve, and I think that’s a great way to approach situations.  Others look at where they can extract value,  and their ideas generally reflect that approach.  Neither of these approaches are “wrong”, per se,  but I tend to like ideas that solve problems because they typically create net positive value in the world.

But what I like more than good ideas are examples of good execution.  The pool of people whom I know that can actually execute are consistently more interesting to be around because they actually make things.  I’ve come to a conclusion that there are people who think, people who execute and, rarely,  people who do both.  I will always look to do business with people who have a proven track record of execution over people who generate ideas, but not much more.