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Driving Value In Social Media

Social media can increase lifetime customer value, decrease your customer service costs, and make a significant long-term contribution to revenue through the viral nature of word-of-mouth marketing. But I think marketers need to stop looking at their social media efforts with the same microscope that they measure their SEM campaigns- it just doesn’t make sense.

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Facebook Fans are worth $136.38 per year

A new study was just released by Syncapse, a Canadian social media agency, that tries to calculate an annualaized dollar value for a Facebook Fan, and has landed on $136.38 per year. Gigaom posted a great, quick writeup summarizing how this value was derived, and the folks at Syncapse have posted an easy to download PDF, so I’m not going to regurgitate on this post what you can read elsewhere. I do want to talk about this from my own perspective, because I think that the agency did a wonderful job performing their research and making their arguements, and because I think that the numer number is a bit silly, especially as an annualized number.

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Tablets and the Publishing Revolution

By creating a new experience that can only be had on tablets, the print industry is going to drive demand for the devices and find solid new ground to generate revenue. This is the exact opposite of how the music industry evolved in the face of MP3 players.

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Display Ad Spending vs. Search

It seems that the story of the week has largely been about the growth of online ad spending. While this seems like a well-trodden, tired conversation, it got a pretty nice boost from Fred Wilson (which was inspired by a presentation posted in The Atlantic here). In an earlier post I wrote (see below or here), I talked about the semantic web and Facebook’s bold venture into becoming the servers that will deliver relevant advertising based on what we like (pun intended). I want to continue down this road and talk about content sites and advertising

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