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Facebook and the Open Graph API

I’ve wanted to write out my thoughts on the new announcements that Facebook made at their F8 conference; specifically the Open Graph API and how this will affect everyone involved with the platform.   I’ve been waiting to write this

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The Mis-Application of Innovation

With all of the recent discussion about civil charges being brought by the SEC against Goldman Sachs, I got into a discussion with some friends about innovation, it’s development and its misuse by people who either don’t understand the technology they are using, know and do not care about the risks involved, or knowingly behave unethically in an effort to leverage short-term gains.

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Gowalla, Foursquare and Lots of Zeroes

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a mall and be fought over by department stores with discounts, right on their phone? Anyone in the U.S. under the age of 25 is unlikely to ever clip coupon form a newspaper– but they are highly likely to use digital coupons that are readily available on an LBS that they are a member of. With enough imagination, it becomes possible for these services to do for brick-and-mortar locations what Google has done for e-Commerce sites.

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Bebo & Ning: Second Place In Social Networks

Recent developments surrounding the world of social networks are consistently pointing to a consolidation of social networks online. Facebook currently touts over over 400 Million users. It’s difficult to say how any users Twitter currently has. The last numbers I saw were about 75 million, but I may be quoting an old stat. Regardless, these numbers trump Myspace and every other social network that has hit the web 2.0 scene. On one hand, this is a story about the emergence of clear winners in the battle for clear market dominance.

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Google Docs Are Improving: iWork & Windows Get a friend

Google recently announced new features and improvements to their Google Docs suite. Some of the new features are great, but their biggest improvement for me is the ability to upload and store documents in any format.

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Peer Lending Gets Another Boost

Peer lending companies like Lending Club and Prosper are sites that connect lenders and borrowers in a transparent, social network style environment. While certainly not risk free investments, I believe these sites allow for a free-market solution to small-to-medium sized loans in an efficient way.

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Locking on Strategy: Apple & Twitter

I’ve been trying to identify a trend I’ve seen this week in my RSS feeds, told through the story of Apple changing rules on iPhone application analytics (Venture Beat), the much-discussed HTML5 vs. Adobe battle (I like this Scobleizer read which discusses it) and Twitter developing 3rd party applications for mobile applications and acquiring Tweetie (I downloaded the Twitter application for Blackberry yesterday and it’s excellent). It seems that the biggest innovators in technology are integrating and consolidating their channels

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