At first I was pretty unexcited about Apple’s announcement of the iPad.  However, after reading some of the recent hype pieces about the product along with the stories of the first lines being sold out,  I’m starting to turn around (On a PR side note: Apple consistently does a great job of telling their story, and steering the conversation to where they want it to go). First concerns, then the hype:

First,  I’m having trouble with touch screens.  I got a blackberry really early on and I can’t seem to ween myself off of their little tactile keyboard.  I also wasn’t concerned with initial criticisms of  the iPad like it not supporting a camera, but I did agree that it seemed a bit underwhelming. At first glance it just seemed like a big iPhone.

I also feel that Apple’s decision to not support Flash in lieu of HTML 5 was a poor strategic move.  This reminds me of Apple’s decision to develop the iWork suite of software because it didn’t want to be held hostage by another company’s technology (Adobe’s Flash).  I think the Internet browsing experience on a device that doesn’t support flash is simply sub-par.

With that said, reading this Tech Crunch article by Marc Benioff makes want to run, screaming-stark-raving-mad type of running, to somewhere……where for some amount of money, I can be the first to buy an iPad (or something like it).   The reason this article makes the iPad so intriguing is that it is looking beyond the product at the development of computing in general.  Marc is right in his assessment that this device is pointing to a new way of computing.  App-centric devices like the iPad will be light and fast.  We won’t save much data on device s in the future; we’ll store it all in the cloud and we’ll use various applications to access that information.

I’m excited for the future when our computers are fast access points to a much larger world.  I’m starting to think that the iPad might bring us one step closer.