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Quora and the $86 Million Question (and Answer)

TechCrunch recently announced the round of financing secured by Quora, a new site founded primarily by ex-Facebook employees. At a rumored $86 Million valuation, the site has garnered significant attention from the start-up, tech and VC worlds. I recently received an invitation to join and spent the past few days playing around on it in my spare time. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works from my perspective:

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The iPad and Cloud 2

I was pretty unexcited about Apple’s announcement of the iPad. However, after reading some of the recent hype pieces about the product, along with the stories of the first lines being sold out, I’m starting to turn around.

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The “Death” of Publishing

I do not believe that all brands need to create deep content and media to be relevant in social media. In fact, I’d prefer that a number of brands do not spend their time creating content and instead, spend their energy creating great products and communicating value propositions that support their products.

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Social Gaming & Not-So-Virtual Currency

While the worldwide explosion of both virtual currencies and social gaming is undeniable, I can’t help but wonder where all of this is going and if it’s bringing media and online content to a good place.

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My Product Development Experiences

For the past 8 months, aside from my standard fare of corporate finance and macroeconomics classes, I’ve been spending much of my time outside of work a building a web-based product, as well as the business requirements that developing and releasing a new product entail.

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